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    Sri Lanka is a year-round destination with the beaches on the west coast being best between October and April, and on the east coast between May and September. Colombo and the interior enjoy a benign climate year-round. However, except in the arid northern part of the country, tropical showers can be expected at any time.

    Communication is rarely a problem in Sri Lanka as English is widely spoken in most parts of the country including in hotels, restaurants, commercial establishments and even by private transport providers. Signboards and street signs are generally displayed in English, Sinhala & Tamil.
    Foreign currency and traveller’s cheques may be changed at any hotel, although commercial banks offer better rates. Converting Sri Lankan rupees back to foreign currency could be done at the banks at the airport which are open 24/7 (keep exchange receipts in case required).
    Hotels, major restaurants and shops, including supermarkets accept most international credit cards but do check first. ATMs are available at the many banks throughout the island where cash advances could be obtained using your credit card. To avoid problems, it is advisable before coming to Sri Lanka to inform your credit card company of your intention to use your credit card here.