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“Ceylon Trails” is a Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority approved one stop enterprise with a unique destination management center that offers you the very best tours in Sri Lanka along with the service of experienced National Tourist Guide Lecturers, Spanning over 30 years of experience.

Talk to us to plan your next trip to Sri Lanka, the way you want! We work tirelessly to organise the best suited tour at an unbeatable price. Our mission is to promote Sri Lanka rich in culture, heritage, natural beauty and unmatched hospitality. 

Meritorious Stories of Hospitality from
Our Little Island

Sri Lanka is ready to welcome travelers from across the world with following safety guidelines and precautionary measures.


Our team of experts will provide customized tours for your next vacation showcasing the best Sri Lanka has to offer. Be it adventurous wildlife safaris, awe-inspiring beaches to breathtaking nature.

Motorcycle Trips in
Sri Lanka

Be assured of a life-changing experience when you book a motorbike tour with Ceylon Trails. Ride through breathtaking scenery and enjoy local culture of enchanting Sri Lanka, with the added thrill of living on the edge– in many cases. Escape with us on an exciting motorcycle adventure tours.

Destination Weddings

A wedding held in a prepossessing setting is an extra reason to celebrate. Destination weddings in Sri Lanka are increasingly becoming popular for its quirkiness and the refreshing experience it brings.

Whether it is a garden party on a hilltop or an unvoiced wedding on a private beach, we, Ceylon Trails look after each detail carefully, starting from selecting the flavorful menus to the best location, for you to say “I do”.

Volunteer Programs

Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations which provide the best opportunities for volunteer programs. You can teach in Buddhist monasteries to children and youngsters and also you can support the educational development of young children and share your great knowledge with them by encouraging them to learn new skills. Join sea turtle conservation programs as well as caring elephants that have been rescued from ruthless situations. Also, thid will be a perfect chance to experience the traditional Sri Lankan village life.

Cycling Adventures in Sri Lanka

Our diversified outlook at responsible and empathic tourism gives you cycling adventures, authentic cooking demonstrations Sri Lankan style, local culture, village visits, local folk interactions … Our theme is sustainable tourism – all our customers will directly help in enhancing living conditions for locals, and desirable areas for clients to visit & experience.

Team Building Activities in Sri Lanka

We specialize in team building, with custom made activities coupling learning and fun, allowing your employees to work together effectively, interdependently, with increased motivation promoting cooperation…our games enhances social relations, and with application make each and every participant actively share skills efficiently…we diversify the product with guaranteed results ….take your team from being good, to being great …Our team bonding activities are organized for guests who participate through MICE & incentive tours.

Quite the mind and the soul will speak

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice requires quiet reflection and mental discipline. If you’ve
ever dreamed of getting in touch with your inner self de-stress and taming your mind of
its negative thoughts, experiencing the cleansed rebirth of your soul or spending time in quiet contemplation, a meditation trip could be right for you. Meditation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increasing peace, perception, self concept, and well-being.

Foodie Tours

Culinary tourism is defined as the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences. By combining travel with these delectable experiences, both locals and tourists get an authentic taste and feel of Sri Lanka.

We create foodie tours for food lovers who want to discover new flavors and learn local and professional cooking techniques. Take this opportunity to study the secrets of Sri Lankan cuisine from a local instructor whilst exploring many beautiful and wonderful places in Sri Lanka.

Agricultural & Farming Tours

Sri Lanka has a rich history of an agro-based economy where agriculture and farming have been given pride of place from the times of ancient Kings. We arrange many agricultural experiences, ranging from tea, coconut, rubber and rice plantation visits, all the way to exploring vegetable research centers…Encounter authentic local life, culture and vibrant hospitality in a genuine picturesque country side environment, whilst watching paddy fields being cultivated or harvested, even including the option of working in the paddy fields of Sri Lanka.

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